Hear what participants have to say about the program.

“After participating in the Complete Package Performer, I can now view auditions like any other performance–I can cope with the unexpected, and even enjoy my 5 minutes in front of the audition panel! On my first day, I was struck by the friendliness of the group. The ensemble was supportive and talented, and the faculty were knowledgable and attentive, and everyone worked together to improve.”   Hannah Gorman

 “This program was my introduction to San Francisco’s opera scene, and what a journey it has been!!! I couldn’t be where I am now without Susan Gundunas. I encourage any young artist looking for a local YAP to check out this year’s amazing masterclass lineup!” Emily E.M.Crawford

“I’m proud to support my voice teacher Susan Gundunas’s wonderful nonprofit, Complete Package Performer, a training program dedicated to singing artists leveling up their skills. If you want to fill the summer gap with a great experience instructed by amazing professionals, make new connections, and ultimately grow and perform, this is the program!!!”  Tim Eischens

“Susan’s Complete Package Performer program is excellent. I highly recommend it for singers who really want to deepen their performance skills. Definitely worth doing!” Laurel Sprigg

“It will really give singers the skills they so badly need to have an edge in today’s difficult singing world!”    Marla Volovna